Canadian White Pine

The Eastern White Pine, a species native to Quebec, is the tallest conifer in eastern Canada. Its wood is the least resinous of all pines. It is a fast-growing tree, sometimes reaching heights of 90 metres and diameters of 250 centimetres. With its uniform texture, Eastern White Pine is used for mouldings, cabinetwork, doors, windows, siding, panelling and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Its wood is tender and ranges from creamy white to yellow. It is valued for its fine grain and workability.


Common usage


Superior quality. Interior decorating, furniture, mouldings and cabinetry.

Common 1 and 2:

Grade that highlights sound and tight knots and wood that is naturally light in colour. Panelling, framing, edge trim, soffit, doors, windows and DIY market.

Common 3:

Useful and of good appearance despite slight defects. Shelves, panelling, exterior use and siding.

Physical Properties
Properties Eastern White Pine(Pinus strobus) Red Pine(Pinus resinosa) Jack Pine(Pinus banksiana) Scots Pine(Pinus sylvestris) Southern Yellow Pine(Pinus palustris) Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Yellow Birch(Betula alleghaniensis)
Density (kg/m3) 3681 4011 4441 5122 6572 6591 6081
Modulus of rupture (MOR)(kiln-dried) (MPa) 651 701 781 842 972 1151 1061
Modulus of elasticity (MOE)(MPa) 93801 94501 10 2001 10 1002 13 5002 14 1001 14 1001
Hardness Jenka (N) 16501 21201 25601 N/D N/D 72901 59301
Dimensional shrinkage 8 % 11 % 10 % 7 % 12 % 14 % 17 %

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