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We are currently supplying shiploads and containers to China, India, Middle East and Indonesia. Hemlock, Douglas Fir, SPF, Southern Yellow Pine, Oak, Cedar, Alder, Walnut, Maple is available. Business inquiries may direct to OR Dial 1 604 832 8747 Or Skype: ivon.gill | Terms and Conditions Apply.
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Brazillian Teak

Gill Timbers India is importing teak from South American countries. We are supplying direct containers to various markets in India. Right from Himachal Pradesh , Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.
Teak from South America is popular due to it's quality and color. We are selling in containers - can supply in break-bulks. Teak prices depends on girth of log - more the DIA, more the price. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Hemlock Lumber

Hemlock Lumber
Gill Timbers India is importing lumber of various sizes and grades from Canada and USA. Mostly we import - KD-HT in size of 1. 5, 2.5 x 5.5, 7.25, 9.25 x 8-20'. Western Hemlock is very much prefered in SAUNA, Interiors, Shutters and doors.
A strong wood with smooth grain- can be polished, pain or stained. Hemlock is having it's own market among users although not much in India knows about it's beauty and grace. Hemlock is mostly used in pulp manufacturing for printing USD. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Walnut Burls

We sell Black English Walnut BURLS which are in high demand among high end furniture manufacturers, Gun Stock, Musical Instruments and Genral public for various wooden articles.
One of the best wood for it's natiral color, grain and appearance. Walnut burl is expensive than plain English Walnut. We import from USA, South America in log form. Inquiries are welcome for container supply. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Spruce Pine Fir

One of the most imported wood species for its wide usage in various industries. High grade of Kd-HT Canadian SPF is heavily liked in manufacturing of doors, windows and interiors. Low grade of Canadian SPF is used in manufacturing of packaging industry. Low grade of SPF is also being imported for plywood industry.
Inquiries are welcome for KD-HT Canadian SPF , SPRUCE and PINE LOGS any grade. Prices depends on sizes and volumes. Please note that SPF is also preffered in roofing and panelling. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Douglas Fir Lumber

Gill Timbers was pioneer in introducing Coastal Douglas Fir in North and South India. Douglas Fir is one of the strongest woodmhaving beautiful grain that it's popular as Canadian Devdaar. It's wotld famous for usages in Constructions, framing, doors, windows, interiors, Panelling, Flooring and Light furntiure applications. Gill Timbers is importing Douglas Fir Timber and Douglas Fir Lumber in various grades and sizes. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Oak Timber

WHITE OAK - RED OAK is imported from USA and SOUTH AMERICA. Oak is ont of the tough and hard wood which is used in outdoor decking, furniture , boats and outdoor applications. OAK resists decay and water very well thus is choice of wood in tropical areas although it takes times in seasoning. These days, Oak is being seasoned in KIln plants by simple streaming. Gill Timbers is importing OAK in logs as well as Oak lumber. Gill Timbers books OAK timber and lumber and supplies at almost major ports of India.There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Radiata Pine Logs

Gill Timbers India is importing and supplying logs of Radiata Pine, of every possible Grade and Size.We are supplying in Shiploads and bulk breaks to China and India to cater various market needs.
Radiata Pine is backbone of Packaging, Pulp and Plywood Industry. One of the sturdy timber whose High Grade is used for veneer and construction works. We import Radiata pine from New Zealand and South America. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at

Southern Yellow Pine

Gill Timbers imports Southern Yellow Pine from South America, Canada and USA. Southern Yellow Pine has all the characterstics of Coastal Douglas Fir in properties but its having less knotts and st. grain. Wood is available in popular width which are high in demand from construction industry. Southern Yellow Pine is seasoned very well and can be stained, polished and paint very well. We are importing and trading SYP logs in contaiers and bulk breaks. There may be business offers from Gill Timbers- have a look at


shiploads and break bulks
Gill Timbers International is doing shiploads of Pine logs of various species from New Zealand, South America and Canada.

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